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Criminal Defense

DUI, Felony and Misdemeanors

Mr. DePalma is a former prosecutor who vigorously defends his neighbors against the full range of criminal charges. With your freedom, money and reputation at stake, do not face the criminal justice system on your own. 

Civil Defense

Negligence, Property and

Breach of Contract

Since 2000, Mr. DePalma defended professionals, business and property owners, and others from civil law suits. To properly defend against a civil suit, time is of the essence. Do not delay seeking professional assistance to protect your money and property.


Contracts, Leases, Employment and


Mr. DePalma can draft, review and enforce your contracts, leases, employment agreements and insurance policies. Good will is no substitute for a well-drafted document protecting your rights, property and money.

Property Management

Since 2005, Mr. DePalma prosecuted and defended rental evictions for dozens of landlords and tenants across Teller County. Additionally, he assists home owners and their associations in managing their common owners interest communities. When the use of your home or property is at stake, only professional help will do.

Landlord, Tenant and

Homeowners Associations

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